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Keep young brains busy, active and entertained these school holidays with some good books! Whether they're looking for a new series to get lost in, a light-hearted adventure to make them laugh, or some fun activity books to share with friends, Dymocks has something for every kid.

Art & Activity Fun

Fun With Authors
Downloadable Art and Activity Packs


When the kids have a few weeks off school, you don’t want them sitting around the house going stir crazy – and we’re here to help make sure that doesn’t happen, with loads of school holiday activities to keep them entertained.

Getting kids of all ages started with a good book is such an easy way to keep them busy for hours. If you’re not sure where to start, check out some of our best kids’ books broken down by age group for plenty of school holiday fun. We’ve got books on jokes and riddles for the pranksters, art and activity books for the crafty types and even educational reads for the little learners who want to keep taking in new information outside the classroom.

Books aren’t the only school holiday ideas on Dymocks’ shelves, though. There’s plenty of hands-on action to dive into when the little ones are looking for vacation fun. If your child likes to get creative, check out the huge range of art and craft supplies on our shelves and give them some school holiday activities that will stretch the limits of their imagination. For a mental challenge, jigsaw puzzles are the perfect kids’ school holiday activities (especially when it’s raining and they’re stuck indoors) – not to mention great to build those problem-solving skills and improve their concentration and short-term memory. Sneak in a few more educational toys and games for school holiday fun that keeps their brains active!