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When the summer holidays start to wind down, you know it’s time to start prepping for back to school! At Dymocks, we’ve got everything you need to start the new school year with a head start!


Whilst you might be scrambling to get school uniforms and lunchboxes ready, don’t forget about all the little essentials, books and stationery that keep the kids going at school and at home. Get back-to-school ready with our range of notebooks, pencil cases and even art and craft supplies - think pens, coloured pencils and sketch pads!

Our huge selection of back to school supplies also include educational games, flashcards and workbooks for the little ones plus, study guides for older kids, whether they’re tackling advanced mathematics or studying The Crucible by Arthur Miller. There’s something for every age and year level!

We also know that kids love a jolt of colour or zany characters in their story books, that’s why we’re sure they’ll love our lunch bags, bento boxes, reusable water bottles and colourful backpacks! Shop for all your back to school needs with Dymocks!