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eBook Help

Buying eBooks

Finding eBooks

All eBooks on the Dymocks website are marked with the availability status of “For Immediate Download”. They will also be listed as having format of ePub or PDF.

To find the eBook you are looking for, enter the title or author into the search bar at the top of the site, then filter by format on the search results page to find the digital edition. You will also often be able to find our bestselling titles on the Dymocks home page here.

Purchasing eBooks

To purchase eBooks on the Dymocks website, you must be signed into your Dymocks account. Click here to sign in, or if you are not yet a Dymocks Booklover, sign here to join.

After you have completed the checkout process, your eBook can be accessed in one of two ways, via the Dymocks eReader App, or via direct download from the Dymocks website as an .acsm file. Please note, if you choose the direct download option, you will be unable to view the eBook within the Dymocks eReader App in the future, and if you have already accessed the eBook via the Dymocks eReader App this title will no longer be available for download. Also, due to the high number of different eReader devices available, we are unable to offer support on eBooks activated outside the Dymocks eReader App.

Using the Dymocks eReader App

About the Dymocks eReader App

The Dymocks eReader App is an easy to use eReader which allows you to:
- Read eBooks in a powerful, feature-rich interface
- Highlight specific passage and bookmark pages
- Use the notebook to view you book note and highlights
- Track your reading process through the progress bar visualization.

The Dymocks eReader App is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. To download the Dymocks eReader App or for further technical specifications, click here for iOS, here for Android devices, and here for Windows devices.

Opening the App

After downloading the Dymocks eReader App, open it in your iOS or Android device. The first screen is your login screen – enter the same username and password associated with your Dymocks account at the time of purchase to continue. PLEASE NOTE: the first time you enter this information it may take a minute to load through to your library, while it collects and sets up your data in the App. If you have any difficulties signing into the App, please ensure you are using the correct email and password used to purchase the eBooks, and click here to retrieve a forgotten password. If you continue to have issues signing in, please contact us and we will follow up to correct this for you.

Using the App

Getting Started

Once you have logged in, you’ll be brought to the My Library page. If you have already purchased eBooks from the Dymocks website, you’ll see them listed here in alphabetical order. Books generally appear in your Library about 2 minutes after the website transaction has been completed, so you can get started reading straight away!

If you haven’t bought any eBooks from the Dymocks site yet, the library will be empty.

Downloading the books

To download any newly purchased eBook, simply click the red download button next to the cover image. Generally it will take about 30 seconds to complete the download, but this is dependent on your internet connection and the type of book – picture books and books with lots of images can take up to a couple of minutes.

Once the book has been downloaded, you’ll see three options appear: Read / Overview / Remove Book.


To jump straight into the eBook, this is the button you need. This will open the book to the first page, or to the last page you had read on this particular device if you’ve already started the book. At the moment the App is unable to remember pages read if you eRead on more than one device, so the Bookmark function may come in handy.


Overview gives you the eBook’s details in a quick summary. Cover art, title, author and synopsis are all located on this page. To get back to the previous menu, just use the Back button on your particular device.


This will remove the eBook from your device, and you will no longer be able to access this title. Don’t worry if you click it accidentally – you’ll get another check screen making sure you want to proceed before the eBook is removed.

Reading on the App

If you’ve used an eReader before, you’ll probably be familiar with the controls, but the basics are listed below.

Turn the page:

Swipe left to go to the next page, or swipe right to go back a page. Alternatively, you can tap on the side of the screen – right to go forward a page, left to go back – to turn the page.

In-page options

To access the in-page options, press and hold on the screen for one second, then release. A pop-up will appear with three options – Highlight, Add Note, and Switch to Audio. Using the start and end cursors, adjust the selected area to cover the passage you are interested in, then select one of the three options below:


Select the passage you would like to Highlight, and click the left-hand Highlight icon. This brings up a range of Highlight colours for you to choose between. Once one has been selected, the highlighting will remain on the page unless deliberately removed, and will be visible in the Contents menu.

Adding a Note:

Select the passage you would like to add a Note to, and click the centre Note icon. This brings up a screen and your keyboard, and you can add Notes here. Once saved, these Notes will be visible in the side banners of the screen as red text boxes, and are also searchable via the Contents menu.

Switching to Audio:

Select the passage you would like played, and click the Audio button. This section of the novel will then be read aloud by the App.

Opening the menu:

To open the in-eBook menu, tap the centre of your screen. This will bring up the menu options, giving you access to the following options: Jump to a Page, Add a Bookmark, Change Settings and the Contents Menu.

Jump to a Page:

Using the slider at the bottom of the screen, you can jump forward or backward in an eBook. Simply drag the cursor to the point in the book you are looking for, release, and the eBook will jump to that page.

Add a Bookmark:

If you want to mark a particular page to review, or just keep track of where you are up to, you can do so using the Bookmark function. Simply tap the Bookmark symbol in the top right hand corner, and you’ll see the red Bookmark appear on the page. To remove it, simply tap the red Bookmark in the top corner.

You can Bookmark an eBook multiple times, and these Bookmarks can be viewed in the Contents Menu.

Contents Menu:

This menu (represented by three parallel line) covers the Contents, Bookmarks and Notes links. Using the top menu you can view chapters and jump directly to them, or view all Bookmarks and Notes you have added to the eBook.

Settings Menu:

You can use the section to increase and decrease font size, change between standard and Night mode to improve ease of viewing, and control the appearance of notations within the eBook.



You will need to ensure you have internet connectivity when first downloading an eBook purchase, and when logging into the Dymocks eReader App.

Downloading eBooks

If you are unable to use the Dymocks eReader App on your device, you can directly download your purchased eBook from your Dymocks eLibrary here. From this page you will be able to directly download the eBook as an .acsm file. Once you have saved the .acsm file to your computer, you will need Adobe Digital Editions to open this file. PLEASE NOTE: we are unable to offer support on titles directly downloaded and accessed through third-party readers, please click here for Adobe Digital Editions help and support:

Adobe Digital Editions

Click here for information on installing Adobe Digital Editions:

eBooks are linked to a specific account, and if you have purchased eBooks on a different account they cannot be transferred. Due to this your Adobe ID used to activate Adobe Digital Editions should be the same as your Dymocks account details i.e. the email address for Adobe should be the same as you use for your Dymocks account.

Third Party Applications

eReader devices should show as a new bookshelf in the Adobe Digital Editions application. If you have not connected the device previously you will be prompted to authorise the device. Drag and drop the ebooks to the device to transfer. For other third party Apps, please refer to your App documentation/help on how to transfer eBooks. PLEASE NOTE: Dymocks is only able to support eBooks through the dedicated eReader App, we are unable to offer support on titles directly downloaded and used through third-party readers.


Kindle devices use a closed system that uses a specific file format unique to that particular device, and are incompatible with the Dymocks eBook range. eBooks purchased through the Dymocks website will not be able to be accessed using a Kindle.

Returns / Refunds

Due to the digital nature of eBooks, we do not offer refunds or returns on incorrectly purchased items. If you purchase an eBook but believe you have been sent the wrong edition, or if there are errors within the eBook you have purchased, please contact us with a month of the original purchase date and we will investigate this for you. In the case that an eBook has been incorrectly supplied or is faulty, we will replace the title where possible, or if necessary refund the title in full and remove from your Dymocks eLibrary.

Device / Regional Limitations

Occasionally, there might be a title that has limitations in regards to the locations in which they are able to be sold due to copyright restrictions. In this case, if an order is unable to be completely fulfilled for this region, we will refund the title in full.

Other issues

If the issue isn’t in listed above or the suggested steps haven’t resolved the issue, contact us here.

In order for us to resolve your issue as quickly as possible, please copy & paste or include screenshots of any error messages if possible, as well as outline the steps taken before the error or issue occurred.