We already have three school library crowdfunds under our belt with Speers Point Public School, Riverstone Public School and Bomaderry Public School. We are hoping to add more! Our three crowdfunds went so well, that they raised a combined total of $25,106 thus enabling us to donate over $50,000 worth of books.

Crowdfunding is one of the timeliest ways to regenerate a school library. We hold a month long crowdfunding campaign, working in conjunction with a coordinator from the school. The school’s coordinator manages the local approach, with coaching and collateral support from Dymocks Children’s Charities. DCC sets up the microsite with approved copy and photos while monitoring both online and offline donations.

From there we double the value of funds donated (so $10,000 becomes $20,000RRP worth of books) which means that even smaller amounts have a massive impact on the library collection.

Please click here to fill out an EOI form and send it back to us so we can get the crowdfunding ball rolling.

Speers Point Public Campaign


With a 28-day time period, crowdfunding means that, whilst there is a limited time it’s much more effective at stimulating the immediate support and donations needed for a large-scale project.

Speers Point Public hit the ground running with their use of social media to promote the campaign to their school community. The school also promoted the campaign in their weekly newsletter, assemblies and school noticeboard, which ensured continued engagement with the school community. Aside from communication, the school also actively fundraised, organising a school mufti day with all the proceeds being donated to their crowdfunding cause.

The principal actively reached out and contacted local businesses, organisations and members of the community to support their crowdfunding campaign. This resulted in Love Realty donating $2,000 and the Boolaroo Bowling Club $200. The principal of Speers Point Public already had an existing relationship with a local member of government which meant that they had a public advocate who donated, promoted and encouraged constituents to donate as well.

An engaged P&C can also offer support from their network of members both inside the school and out. In this case, the P&C contributed a massive $5,000 which meant that half the campaign target was met with one donation, following their own fundraising efforts.

Through their active promotion of the campaign, Speers Point’s crowdfunding drive was featured in two newspaper articles (Newcastle Weekly - pictured, Newcastle Herald) and 2 radio interviews (ABC Newcastle Drive, NewFM Morning), leading to increased exposure to new supporters.

Duck Library

Research has shown that pre-school children (3-5 year olds) are under-represented in the NFP sector. These crucial years of development are an underfunded and under-resourced phase compared to other levels of education. This period is a critical stage in the development of a life-long love of reading.

This program provides a ‘Duck Library’ to pre-schools in selected priority areas around Australia. Each library contains 50 brand new, age appropriate books in a fully themed bookcase and is supplemented with an additional supply of 15 new books in the 2nd year.

Children are encouraged to "borrow" the books from the Duck Library to read overnight with their parents or carers and for the pre-school to use in their literacy programs.

There are now 14 centres in NSW, VIC, SA, ACT with Duck Libraries, including:

  • Florey Street Preschool (ACT)
  • Alfred Road Preschool (VIC)
  • Tamara Children's Centre (NSW)
  • DECD Hospital Education Serv x 2 (SA)
  • SDN Centre Waterloo (NSW)
  • Hotham Hub Children's Centre (VIC)
  • Craig Family Centre (VIC)
  • Little Peoples Early learning Centre (NSW)
  • Estrella Preschool (VIC)
  • Goodstart Early Learning Miranda (NSW)
  • Forbes Learning Ladder (NSW)
  • Templeton Orchards Preschool (VIC)
  • Farmsborough Schools Community Centre (NSW)

Library Regeneration

One of the main priorities for Dymocks Children's Charities is to improve the resourcing of school libraries in low socio-economic areas around Australia.

High quality books are sometimes unavailable in the home environment, so schools are often relied upon to provide them. Due to limited available funding however, many schools have difficulty offering enough variety and quality books to encourage students to read.

According to the Softlink 2013 Australian School Library Report, there is a strong correlation between school library budgets and literacy levels both in Australia and in libraries worldwide. The report also states that 81% of all Australian school library budgets either remained unchanged or declined in 2013.

Dymocks Children's Charities has been partnering with several organisations to change this situation by supporting Library Regeneration Projects across Australia with the provision of over $120,000 worth of books.

2014 Library Regeneration projects included:

$80,000 worth of books funded by the Lantern Club for 6 Schools in the Bankstown, NSW area:

  • Punchbowl Public School
  • Hannans Rd Public School
  • Riverwood Public School
  • McCallums Hill Public School
  • Beverley Hills Public School
  • Narwee Public School

$30,000 worth of books funded by Westport Club to 8 schools in the Port Macquarie, NSW area:

  • Hastings Public School
  • Heritage Christian School
  • St Agnes Primary School
  • St Columba Primary School
  • St Joseph’s Primary School
  • St Peters Primary School
  • Tacking Point Public School
  • Telegraph Point Public School

$10,000 worth of books funded by the Perth Airport to 2 schools in Perth, WA:

  • High Wycombe Primary School
  • Endey Primary School