Library Regeneration Program

Our Library Regeneration projects involve restocking school libraries where there is insufficient funding for books or following natural disasters. We partner with sponsors or fundraise through local Dymocks stores to place a specified RRP of books to selected schools where a need has been identified. The school selects books from a catalogue of quality titles to ensure they receive books they want and need.

Recent beneficiaries of Library Regeneration projects are:

  • Springvale Rise Public School = $4,000 worth of books
  • Bundaberg North State School = $2,000 worth of books
  • Woorabinda State School = $10,000 worth of books

This is just a sample of the hundreds of schools around Australia who have benefited from our Library Regeneration projects.  In the 2018 Financial Year alone, over $400,000 worth of books were delivered to 78 priority schools through Library Regeneration projects.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us. 


Duck Library Program

Duck Libraries are provided to centres with pre-school aged children in priority areas around Australia. Each library contains 50 brand new, age appropriate books in a fully themed bookcase, and is supplemented with an additional supply of 15 new books in the 2nd year. This program ensures children are given vital early exposure to books and reading at a critical stage of development. Children are encouraged to borrow the books from the Duck Library to read with their parents or carers, and for the pre-school to use in their literacy programs.

As the Centre Director of one of our Duck Library beneficiaries told us:

“Many of our families come from a lower socioeconomic background and we aim to provide equal education to all children and families attending. The donated books mean that we are able to provide resources to the children and families to continue their literacy learning and love of books in their own homes so that all children get an equal opportunity.” 

In the 2018 Financial Year we were able to provide books for 60 Duck Libraries in centres all around Australia, helping hundreds of pre-school aged children.

If you would like more information about our Duck Libraries please contact us.