Being literate is essential for learning and for children to make sense of their world. Later it is critical in order to find employment and participate fully in society. Reading is vital for the development of vocabulary and communication skills; to broaden knowledge, understand other cultures. Reading stimulates imagination and creativity, offering children whole new worlds to explore.

Unfortunately, literacy levels remain of concern in Australia, particularly amongst the most vulnerable groups. If children fall behind, it is hard to catch up, and the gap widens. Our programs focus on early intervention for young children in priority locations. Getting good books into kids’ hands and encouraging regular reading is an essential first step towards improving literacy outcomes.

We work with educators and partner with like-minded organisations to help ensure the benefits of reading are clear and good books are available so that more children can read, more often. Our progams have been designed with early intervention in mind.

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As the Librarian at Cherbourg State School told us recently;

"Most of our students do not have books at home...I know the students and families are very grateful to have a first-class school library. I see some parents come in and just stare at the books. Some parents are illiterate themselves having not had the chance to go to school. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.."

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