Did you know 1 in 7 kids fail to reach baseline levels of reading proficiency by the age of 15? 

This means that even after 10 years at school they do not have the skills the OECD believes are necessary for them to participate adequately in the workforce and in society as a whole.* 

Did you know it is estimated that 44% of the adult population have literacy skills below level 3^? This means they find it hard to obtain employment, they cannot read for pleasure and things like reading medicine labels or instruction manuals are very hard for them.

This is an extraordinary fact in Australia in 2019, and one that we at Dymocks Children's Charities are trying to help address. Being able to read well is absolutely essential in order to find employment and to ensure our society has robust mental and physical health.

The reasons for this underachievement are multifactorial but providing books to kids who would otherwise go without is a vital first step towards improving literacy outcomes. Multiple studies have demonstrated that children who read regularly and from a variety of different texts from a young age do better at school and have better mental and physical health than their peers.^


Often schools, pre-schools or families don't have the resources necessary to provide the books kids want and need. Children want to make their own choices about the books they read which engages them more effectively with their learning. For this reason we provide brand new books of choice to pre-school and primary school age children in priority areas around Australia. We are uniquely placed to help and are committed to ensuring more Australian kids can access brand new books of choice more often. ‚Äč

We run three programs for pre-primary and primary school aged children;

  1. Book Bank.
  2. Library Regeneration.
  3. Duck Libraries.   

These programs ensure brand new books of choice get to kids who would otherwise miss out. In the 2018 financial year alone, we provided a record breaking 41,642 books to 28,423 children at 168 schools around Australia

There are many ways to get involved in our work; donating, fundraising for us, partnering with us or volunteering your time. Can you join us?




Please help us continue our work by participating in one of our events or fundraisers listed below. 

Book Bonus is the only online read-a-thon directly associated with the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge. Book Bonus is a way for students to be the heroes of their schools and communities by seeking sponsorship for the books they’ve read from their friends and family.

'Round Up' is an ongoing, important way of raising funds for us. When customers make a purchase at a Dymocks store or online they can make a voluntary 'round up' donation.  This money is used to get more brand new books to more kids.
Want to get fit and raise money for a great cause at the same time? Registrations are open for the Blackmores Running Festival (September 15) and we’d love for you to walk or run for us!