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Every once in a while, a book comes along that you just need to know everything about. Jay Kristoff’s new fantasy epic - Empire of the Vampire - is one such book, and we have all the answers. 

Read on below for a wild review from our resident fantasy expert Mathew, RSVP for a live Chapter One author event in which Jay will be chatting with fantasy royalty Robin Hobb, photos of our Exclusive Blood Red Edition of the book and how to get your hands on a DELETED CHAPTER and illustration!


Empire of the Vampire has landed, and we couldn’t be more excited for everyone to sink their teeth into it (yes, there may be vampiric puns). The fact that we have a gorgeous Exclusive Blood Red Edition almost makes the excitement unbearable. Upon release it shot to the top of our bestseller list to claim the No.1 spot – a fact Jay has shared on his socials rather proudly too. Take a look at the photos and try not to hit ‘add to cart,’ we dare you - but you better be quick, we are very close to selling out! Alternatively, reach our to your local Dymocks store to claim one of their last remaining copies. 

Empire of the Vampire blood red edition features red cover with embossing and red foil

We also have an EXTRA EXCLUSIVE for all purchases of Empire of the Vampire - standard or blood red. If you purchase a copy through Dymocks before 30 September – don’t worry superfans, this includes all pre-orders – you will receive a DELETED CHAPTER and ILLUSTRATION! Stay patient though, we will be emailing these goodies out in early October. If you ordered online, you don’t need to do anything. If you purchased in store, you can contact them to make sure they have your email or fill in your details here.


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Mathew from Dymocks Waurn Ponds has written what may be one of the best reviews we have ever read! If you’re not sure whether you want to read this epic, you’ll have no doubt after reading on below.

If Australia has anything to be proud of, it’s the fact that Jay Kristoff calls it home. A literary God has risen and with him, the mother of all fictional texts to rule them all: Empire of the Vampire. This book is a hard five out of five stars for me. The best way to describe this book is if Interview with the Vampire slept with The Name of the Wind and had a Game of Thrones baby. Combine all these things and then times it by ten. It is a fantasy marvel and a literary masterpiece.

We follow Gabriel de Leon, a tattooed, lush haired vampire (who slays monsters and becomes somewhat of an edge-lord), through this dark, bloody, hilarious, and shocking adventure that will have you wanting to give your blood for the story to continue.

I'm calling it right here; this is the book of 2021. It has everything a fantasy/paranormal junkie could ask for: dark, tall broody vampires, fabulous characters of all kinds and a plot that won't let you go until you have finished every page.

WARNING! This book is not for children. Jay is a well-known adult and young adult author, but this book is on steroids compared to his previous work, so if you're thinking of letting your kids have a crack at this one, be my guest but it is definitely not suitable for them. This book contains gore, excessive blood and occasional smutty scenarios, discretion is highly advised.

I really hope you all love this book as much as I have and don't forget to purchase your copy of Empire of the Vampire from Dymocks – especially since we have an exclusive blood red edition.

As Jay would say, happy reading droogs!

Mathew - Dymocks Waurn Ponds

Mathew - Dymocks Waurn Ponds


Empire of the Vampire blood red edition features red cover with embossing and red foil

If you’d like to hear more about the book, you’d best keep the morning of 18 September free. To celebrate the launch of Empire of the Vampire, Jay will be in conversation with fantasy legend Robin Hobb as part of our Chapter One author series. They will be discussing all things fantasy – writing, locations, Jay’s obsession with maps and of course, vampires. RSVP for the Chapter One event now.

Empire of the Vampire and our Exclusive Blood Red Edition is available in store and online now.

Empire Of The Vampire
Jay Kristoff

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