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An ironic lament on life beyond the mortal plane; a mother's quest to find the best way to explain illness to her children; an LGBTQIA+ tale of teen romance and unlikely alliances and a How to Train Your Dragon-esque adventure — but with unicorns!

Read on and discover why our Books of the Month are must-reads in May!

Here Goes Nothing

Here Goes Nothing
Steve Toltz

'Nobody was ever thinking about me. Now that I'm dead, I dwell on this kind of thing a lot.'

Angus Mooney is in a dark place - the afterlife. His days are spent in aching embarrassment; god, religion, the supernatural - he was wrong about everything.

Narrated with the ironic hindsight afforded by life beyond the mortal plane, Here Goes Nothing is a razor-sharp, hilariously entertaining, insightful and moving meditation on our 21st-century world, and the intricate relationship between love and death.

Steve Toltz Q&A | Here Goes Nothing
Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story
Chloe Hooper

When Chloe Hooper’s partner is diagnosed with a rare and aggressive illness, she has to find a way to tell their two young sons.

Can the news be broken as a bedtime tale? Is there a perfect book to prepare children for loss? Hooper embarks on a quest to find what practical lessons children’s literature—with its innocent orphans and evil adults, magic, monsters and anthropomorphic animals—can teach about grief and resilience in real life.

In an age of worldwide uncertainty, here is a profound and moving exploration of the dark and light of storytelling.

Bedtime Story by Chloe Hooper | Extract
I Kissed Shara Wheeler

I Kissed Shara Wheeler
Casey McQuiston

Chloe Green is so close to winning. After her moms moved her from SoCal to Alabama for high school, she's spent the past four years dodging gossipy, classmates and a puritanical administration at Willowgrove Christian Academy. The thing that’s kept her going: winning valedictorian. Her only rival: prom queen Shara Wheeler, the principal’s perfect daughter.

But a month before graduation, Shara kisses Chloe and vanishes.

Fierce, funny and frank, I Kissed Shara Wheeler is about breaking the rules, getting messy and finding love in unexpected places.

Read an extract from I Kissed Shara Wheeler
Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

Skandar and the Unicorn Thief
A.F. Steadman

Age 8+

“Unicorns are not cute, not pink, not fluffy - they are powerful elemental creatures who are paired with riders when they hatch. Skandar is about to get more than he bargained for when he encounters these creatures in real life, in all their tempestuous glory. This is a gripping debut novel about an unexpected hero; carnivorous unicorns; and friends, who are sometimes found in the most unlikely circumstances. Perfect for readers looking for a new and exciting fantasy world to explore!”

Ivana, Dymocks Sydney

A. F. Steadman Q&A | Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

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