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Beloved Australian author – and Dymocks Booklover favourite – Matthew Reilly will be directing a film for Netflix titled Interceptor. The ‘nuclear missile thriller’ will star Elsa Pataky and Luke Bracey with Chris Hemsworth set to co-produce the film.

Reilly posted to Facebook to share the announcement.

"My secret project is a secret no more.

Since some readers have asked, INTERCEPTOR is not from a novel. It’s an original screenplay I wrote with the amazing Stuart Beattie. It is superfast and rather shockingly intense.

And my leading lady, Elsa, is all kinds of awesome: with the villains she faces, she needs to be!!"


Elsa Pataky and Matthew Reilly
Elsa Pataky and Matthew Reilly - Photo from Reilly's Facebook post

Set to be filmed in New South Wales, the plot will follow an army lieutenant (Pataky) as she uses her years of tactical training to save humanity from sixteen nuclear missiles heading for the U.S. In typical Matthew Reilly style, she must do this while dealing with a violent and coordinated strike on her remote missile interceptor station.

We cannot wait for this homegrown project to hit the popular streaming platform, but while we are, you will find us binge-reading Reilly’s Jack West Jr series ahead of the final instalment later in the year. For the completist fan, Seven Ancient Wonders will be released in hardcover for the first time later this month, to match the rest of the series and make your bookshelf a little more aesthetically pleasing!

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