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Matthew Reilly books are the biggest, boldest and some of most outrageously entertaining reads you are likely to find on our shelves. He is an expert at crafting a hero, but in Cobalt Blue he has gone even further by bringing into being his first superhero story.

We asked Matthew all-things Cobalt Blue ahead of release on 2 August PLUS received a video of him reading the prologue – exclusively for Dymocks!

You’re no stranger to writing heroes, so what made you add the ‘super’ to your hero for Cobalt Blue?

MR: Like a lot of my fans, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the superhero movies of recent years, from The Dark Knight to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I think, in some way, the superhero "vibe" seeped into my consciousness and I felt like I wanted to try to create a superhero tale of my own.

My superhero story, I decided, would be rooted in the present day, and it would be a rather terrifying story about a looming, super-powerful and unstoppable Russian superhero coming to eliminate some half-powered heroes in the US.

“..they found it half-buried in the snow..” – Matthew Reilly reads the prologue from Cobalt Blue exclusively for Dymocks.

Cobalt Blue is the codename for your female lead – what can you tell us about her?

MR: In my story, America and Russia each have a superhero. They are astonishingly powerful and unbeatable, and they are very, very famous.

Over the years, both countries produced offspring from their heroes. America’s hero is named Cobalt and Cobalt’s children (produced through scientific methods) were each given colour-coded codenames: Cobalts Green, Red, Gold etc. They, too, became wildly famous celebrities.

The last child of Cobalt, however, is a natural child named Cassie and she has lived in secret all her life, since she did not want to become a tabloid celebrity superhero like all her half-siblings. She was given the codename Cobalt Blue, but her journey in the book is to realise who she is and who she has to become. She has to become Cobalt Blue.

So it’s more than just a codename or a title. It’s the very reason for the story!

Have current world events changed your approach to this story in any way?

MR: I wrote Cobalt Blue several years ago, long before Russia’s awful invasion of Ukraine. The book even includes a fictional history of Russia—led by its brutal and unstoppable superhero—invading and reclaiming ALL the old Soviet republics, including Ukraine, so it was pretty prescient.

In the end, Cobalt Blue is fiction. I mean, hey, it’s got superheroes, so it’s clearly set in a fictional world. I think readers will understand that and accept it for what it is.

If you were to put together a playlist to set the mood for Cobalt Blue, what five tracks would have to be included?

MR: Oh, gosh. I’d be after heroic songs. Songs that fire you up, get you ready to go into battle. Plus a silly song about celebrity. So:

  1. Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler
  2. Battle Without Honor Or Humanity by Tomoyasu Hotei
  3. She’s So High by Tal Bachman
  4. When You Were Young by The Killers
  5. I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred

Get in the mood for Cobalt Blue and feel like a hero with the playlist below!

Cobalt Blue is available from 2 August. Pre-order online or at your local Dymocks store.

Cobalt Blue
Matthew Reilly

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