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After having incredible success with his debut novel, The Bluffs, Kyle Perry is back with a heart-stopping new thriller. The Deep is set on the rugged coast of Tasmania and is about modern day pirates, family betrayals and the hidden dangers that lurk in the deep. We asked Perry about the overwhelming response to his debut novel, who the Dempsey family are and some of the thriller writers he admires. To find out even more about this incredible novel, catch up on our Chapter One event below with Kyle in conversation with Benjamin Stevenson.

The Bluffs was a definite Dymocks fave last year (and was shortlisted for Book of the Year) – how did it feel to have such success with a debut – in a pandemic no less!?

KP: At the beginning I was excited, but also fairly grounded because I assumed all the great reviews and comments were was the normal encouragement that people show for debut authors. Then, as the success continued, my excitement became mixed with confusion as I realised this was not a normal encouragement for a debut but a genuine passionate response from readers, until finally – with the shortlisting for Book of the Year being a prime example – all that success just became surreal. The pandemic didn’t help with the dreamlike nature of it all! But I feel very proud of myself, of the book, and of my team at PRH that supported the journey.


Can you tell us a little about the Dempsey family?

KP: The Dempsey family are a bit like junkyard dogs – there’s a lot more fight in them than you realise, but you also never know if they’re going to let you pat them, or if they’ll bite you. They’re a crime family, with a code that they’ll follow when it suits them, and a passion for business and making money no matter the activity. Mackerel Dempsey is the youngest son, the outcast, a bit of their punching bag, and he’s trying to escape – he’s never fit into that world, and now he wants to be a ‘good man’. But the nature of crime families is it’s hard to escape.


And what does the return of Forest Dempsey mean for them?

KP: The return of 13-year-old Forest Dempsey means a lot of questions for the Dempseys. What happened to Forest and his parents? Are they alive, and if so, will his father, Jesse Dempsey, return to take the throne of their criminal dynasty? Is Forest out for revenge? Will their whole crew fall apart? The Dempseys don’t like mysteries or uncertainty – they like to know exactly what is going on, and how they can best leverage it.


What is it about Tasmania that makes it a great setting for a mystery?

KP: Tasmania is mysterious. A sparse population, rugged wilderness, giant forests, mountains in every direction you look except when you’re staring out over an ocean that encircles the bottom of the world, a maybe-extinct tiger… It’s my home, so it stirs something up in me, and that makes a difference too – you can always tell when a writer really loves the location they’re writing about. So I know it partly stirs those same feelings in readers, too.


Who are some of the thriller writers that you admire?

KP: Aussie thrillers have really hit the spot for me, lately! Jane Harper, Chris Hammer, Benjamin Stevenson, Katherine Firkin, Gabriel Bergmoser, Anna Downes, Allie Reynolds, Poppy Gee, Ben Hobson . . .

Kyle Perry - Chapter One

Join Kyle Perry as he discusses his new novel, THE DEEP - our Fiction Book of the Month - on publication day! It is a thriller about modern-day pirates, family bonds and betrayals, and hidden dangers that lurk in the deep. Kyle will be in conversation with fellow Penguin author Benjamin Stevenson.

Posted by Dymocks Books on Sunday, 1 August 2021

The Deep by Kyle Perry is available in store and online now.

The Deep
Kyle Perry

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