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Beloved children’s entertainer and comedian Jimmy Rees has helped keep us sane throughout the pandemic with his hilarious videos, including his Covid updates. Rees answered a few questions about his new picture book - Bedtime Sorted! - our August Children’s Book of the Month!

What was the inspiration for Bedtime Sorted!?

JR: I made a TikTok video about all the excuses I hear from my eldest son Lenny (he’s 6) at bedtime, and the video was well-received by my audience online. There were plenty of funny comments about all the random things parents had heard over the years. That’s where it started, but in a general sense it’s about the funny moments and challenges you have as a parent raising kids. They are always throwing you curveballs and some of those just happen to be hilarious. 


With Father’s Day approaching, what’s your favourite thing about being a Dad?

JR: Seeing the world through my kids’ eyes and having an excuse to be a big kid myself. Being a parent is one of the world’s greatest experiences and challenges – one which my wife and I embrace, and we endeavour to give our kids the best upbringing we can.


How did you cope with three young kids during lockdown? 

JR: Umm, it was a little crazy. We discovered quickly that we needed a routine in our day. We planned our day around the twins’ sleep, and around when we were going to go out and do our exercise. We would also plan some quiet time; time for me to get some work done; and, of course, there was some homeschooling in there too. It’s not easy! Let’s hope the term ‘lockdown’ is forgotten forever very soon.


Any tips or hard-earned lessons when it comes to bedtime with kids? 

JR: Well, the book is based on my family and features Dad, who thinks he has it all sorted but then completely does not! So maybe I’m not the best for advice. If I had to give a tip though – and this goes for parenting in general too – don’t stress. We can get so wound up as parents about sleeping and eating and playtime – the list goes on. Take it week by week, and don’t sweat the little things because one day the kids will be gone, moved out of home, off to start their own life. It’s our job to nurture them to that point. 

Bedtime Sorted! by Jimmy Rees is available instore and online now.

Bedtime Sorted!
Jimmy Rees, Briony Stewart

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