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Plan Father’s Day with help from Masterchef judge Jock Zonfrillo! Find out about the books he recommends as the perfect gift, memories of reading Dr Seuss to his kids and sharing a meal with loved ones. 

What does Father’s Day mean to you? 

JZ: Father’s Day is a reminder of just how lucky I am to be a papa. Some people aren’t so lucky so it’s a day for me to appreciate my kids and also a day where they all cook for me! 


Have you been gifted a book for Father’s Day?

JZ: I did receive a book called ‘ My Daddy’s Got Tattoos’ which I think is a great book to read to your kids if, like me, you have tattoos. Who doesn’t buy their dad a good book on Father’s Day? It’s the ideal present: quick to purchase… hours of pleasure


What books would you recommend/would like to receive for Father’s Day this year? 

JZ: I would recommend The Best of A.A. Gill by Adrian Gill. He’s a restaurant critic in the UK who has sadly now passed away. This book is a collection of some of his best work including restaurant reviews and travel writing. It’s rude, scathing, hilarious and extremely witty, all packaged up into short stories. One of the best! I’d love to read Eddie Bett’s autobiography My Journey. Apart from being an amazing sportsman he’s a guy who’s determination I admire, especially given the challenges he’s faced.


What’s your favourite reading memory with your children?

JZ: I’ve become a dab hand at reading Dr Seuss! From my eldest daughter Ava who is 19 to my son Alfie who is now 3. Alfie arrived 8 weeks early and the nurses in the intensive care unit impressed upon us the importance of reading to your baby even when they’re in a humidity crib. I started reading Dr Seuss complete with funny voices on day one and they are still the first books he asks for at bedtime. 

Books are so important for developing kid’s imaginations and teaching them to acknowledge and embrace cultures, races and religions different to their own. 


Why Should someone gift your book for Father’s Day?

JZ: I think a lot of people will be able to see themselves in my story. I made bad decision after bad decision but managed to keep putting one foot in front of the other and now I couldn’t be happier about where my life is. Addiction, resilience, determination, passion... Last Shot has something for everyone! 


What’s your ultimate Father’s Day meal? 

JZ: It’s not so much about the meal but the company. It would be a meal made by my wife while the kids and I potter around the kitchen. A meal made by someone I love is more than I could ever ask for for Father’s Day no matter what it is.

Last Shot by Jock Zonfrillo is now available in store and online now.

Last Shot
Jock Zonfrillo

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