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Bookmarked Blog
Dymocks is incredibly excited to be pairing up with MOOD for Mental Health Month. To help spread the word about MOOD and their mission - saving lives, one cup of tea at a time – each Monday in October, we will be giving you the chance to WIN* one of five packs of their mood-enhancing tea! Read on to discover more about MOOD, perfect book pairings and to enter the competition.  

Youth suicide is the leading cause of death for young Australians. MOOD thinks this needs to change. When you shop MOOD you’re making a positive impact in the lives of young people, with all profits going towards funding mental health projects and saving young lives. Support MOOD and their mission now by purchasing some delicious tea over on

Dymocks has paired with MOOD, giving you the chance to win a pack of MOOD tea throughout Mental Health Month this October.

This October is Mental Health Month, a time when we can come together to raise awareness and promote better mental health for all. The last 18 months have highlighted the importance of support, community and self-care. A cup of tea and a good book can be the perfect way to take a quiet moment for yourself.

This week, you have a chance to WIN* one of five packs of MOOD’s ‘Be Kind, Unwind’ tea, a blend of peppermint to ease muscle tension, passionflower to regulate your mood and linden to promote relaxation. Each pack of MOOD tea comes in a beautifully designed package that would look right at home on your bookshelf among your hardcovers. Enter through our form now.

Win 1 of 5 packs of MOOD's 'Be Kind, Unwind' tea

There are four delicious flavours, each caffeine-free and made using natural ingredients. Each of the four tea varieties have been carefully curated using MOOD positive ingredients to help promote good sleep, relaxation, focus and help the drinker de-stress.

Our well-read people have curated book pairings to match your MOOD – this week, we have five titles for you to curl up with as you sip your ‘Be Kind, Unwind.’


The Comfort Book
by Matt Haig

Nothing is stronger than a small hope that doesn't give up. The Comfort Book is a collection of little islands of hope. It gathers consolations and stories that give new ways of seeing ourselves and the world. Matt Haig's mix of philosophy, memoir and self-reflection builds on the wisdom of philosophers and survivors through the ages, from Marcus Aurelius to Nellie Bly, Emily Dickinson to James Baldwin.

This is the book to pick up when you need the wisdom of a friend, the comfort of a hug or just to celebrate the messy miracle of being alive.

SIDDHARTHA by Hermann Hesse

by Hermann Hesse

Siddhartha is perhaps the most important and compelling moral allegory our troubled century has produced. Integrating Eastern and Western spiritual traditions with psychoanalysis and philosophy, this strangely simple tale, written with a deep and moving empathy for humanity, has touched the lives of millions since its original publication in 1922.

Inspired by Hermann Hesse's profound regard for Indian transcendental philosophy and written in prose of graceful simplicity, Siddhartha is one of the most influential spiritual works of the twentieth century.

UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle

by Glennon Doyle

For many years, Glennon Doyle denied her discontent. Then, while speaking at a conference, she looked at a woman across the room and fell instantly in love. Three words flooded her mind- There. She. Is. At first, Glennon assumed these words came to her from on high but soon she realised they had come to her from within. This was the voice she had buried beneath decades of numbing addictions and social conditioning. Glennon decided to let go of the world's expectations of her and reclaim her true untamed self.

Soulful and uproarious, forceful and tender, Untamed is both an intimate memoir and a galvanising wake-up call. It is the story of how one woman learned that a responsible mother is not one who slowly dies for her children, but one who shows them how to fully live. It is also the story of how each of us can begin to trust ourselves enough to set boundaries, make peace with our bodies, honour our anger and heartbreak, and unleash our truest, wildest instincts.

OTTOLENGHI SIMPLE by Yotam Ottolenghi

Ottolenghi Simple
by Yotam Ottolenghi

Yotam Ottolenghi's award-winning recipes are always a celebration- an unforgettable combination of abundance, taste and surprise. Ottolenghi Simple is no different, with 130 brand-new dishes that contain all the inventive elements and flavour combinations that Ottolenghi is loved for, but with minimal hassle for maximum joy.

Bursting with colourful photography, Ottolenghi Simple showcases Yotam's standout dishes that will suit whatever type of cooking you find easy - whether that's getting wonderful food on the table in under 30 minutes, using just one pot to make a delicious meal, or a flavoursome dish that can be prepared ahead and then served when you're ready.


Starry Night, Blurry Dreams
by Henn Kim

Visual poetry from the iconic Sally Rooney illustrator

who are you
when you're alone

Starry Night, Blurry Dreams is a collection of graphic poetry about loneliness, love and existing in our world.

a heavy heart is hard to carry
hold on

When words aren't enough to describe our emotions, this book will offer comfort, joy and a friend in the dark. we all have our own beautiful universe

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