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RE:A Potted(Potter) Life of Wilfred Owen

@Morgan..I'm glad you agree with my original thoughts and words. There's nothing like fine acknowledgement if only as an also ran. If Echo was real then I could be Narcisuss.....too true...

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RE:A Potted(Potter) Life of Wilfred Owen

​This book of 144 pages ought to be utilized as a part of conjunction with Stallworthy, Hibberd and Cuthbertson.

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RE:The Girl Before by J P Delaney

I've seen He Said She Said floating about but haven't got my hands on a copy yet! I'll add that other one to my to-read list as well! I love books that I can smash through in one or two sittings. Crime/thriller in particular, because it always leaves me thinking about it after I'm done.

RE:A Potted(Potter) Life of Wilfred Owen

Hi History Lover, I was thinking about writing when I opened this up....hope you are well. Sounds like a nice spot to watch the rain, in the comfort of one's library. Good to hear you enjoyed " All For The King's Shilling". I did check it out and put it on the back- burn list. My copy of " Big- Noting" is a little foxed and smells " booky" as if it has been entombed somewhere in a dank dungeon for years and finally has taken that  breath of fresh air. It is marked , unfortunately, with pink and purple underscoring in places but a good working copy and  otherwise nicely intact. 'The Book Gods' should wreak  book deprivation on those who used marker pens in books( just kidding)..could have used pencil at least. Very pleased to have it again. My copy of " Charmed Life: The Phenomenal World of  Phillip Sassoon" by Damian Collins arrived last week. He was a cousin of Siegfried, both really didn't want to be seen in each other's company for their own reasons. He was a gad-about in political , artistic and  social circles, had enormous wealth , looks, contacts, the works. I thought it would be interesting because of all the background information. Waiting on a few books I ordered from places in UK, France and US.... Wilfred Owen books, two Jon Silkins( nice h/cs), Oxford Book of Twentieth Century Poetry h/c . Most of these books are ex-library, used, h/c, good condition. Remember I told you I'm too embarrassed to say how many, but all in all not that expensive total cost.? Heh. All  the stuff I had in my former library , pared to the most-wants! I am stoked at not only have found them but also I have secured them for myself and on the way here. I'm going to end up in 2-3 weeks with a nice heap of Owen, poetry and an old  biography of John Singer Sargent, literature of the Edwardian and First World War. Sorry for talking about my finds so much , however, it is truly wonderful. Currently reading " The Hand on the Shakespearean Stage: Gesture, Touch and the Spectre of Dismemberment" by Farah Karim-Cooper. It is fascinating as it brings to light how the hand is used, on the stage but also in painting etc. Cheers, History Lover.

RE:A Potted(Potter) Life of Wilfred Owen

Hi Ghost Writer,

​Well I am at home watching it rain from my library window, its been wet all week which is great for the garden. I am currently reading two very different but quite enjoyable books; "Imperial Triumph: The Roman World from Hadrian to Constantine" by Michael Kulikowski ​and Ben MacIntyre's "SAS Rogue Heroes". I was out shopping today and dropped in at one of the Dymocks stores and purchased the revised edition of "ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror" which I will try and read very soon.

Good news on your purchases of Robin Gerster's "Big-Noting: The Heroic Theme in Australian War Writing". Very nice indeed :)

I really enjoyed "All For the King's Shilling" and it has me all fired up to read similiar books on the subject covering both the British and French armies of the period.

​What new books have you managed to bring home lately and what are you currently reading? I hope you are well and enjoyign some decent weather down your way. having writ, keeps on...

When I was younger, I read Paul Auster's " New York Trilogy" and thought it was a good , succint and  interesting read, but didn't follow his novels after that. I really tried with his new book " 4 3 2 1" and I must admit I found it quite a struggle to keep up the pace of his 866 page mammoth novel, all the while thinking he was trying hard to outsmart( outwrite and outwit) John Dos Passos( " USA"). That isn't really possible because Dos Passos is in a league of his own when it comes to writing. Then I thought back to Charles Dickens and his 10 page description of a puddle( which is brilliant by the way).  But I digress. Coming back to Auster....some of the literary and historcial ramblings are interesting and the description early in the novel of how a man got his namesake on Ellis Island  as an immigrant is funny...but, protracted ,because Auster keeps repeating the same tired joke over and over,( like an acquiantance of mine who tells me the same Yom Kippur joke every time he sees me .  I acquiesce and smile  because I like the person and have repect for him) like ' do you remember the time etc etc etc'. Seriously ,the novel  is too long for the subject and I respected Auster for " The New York Trilogy" long ago and was really disappointed at the attempts to write an autobiographical novel . I expected a lot more from Auster from the calibre of his other books and he falls short of 866 pages in trying too hard to be too smart. I see that other reviewers are not really taken with "4321" and the ending which is crucial to any book, is inconclusive, elusive and meanders with characters in search of repose.  When I recieved this novel from Dymocks Booklover( thank you) I wondered what I was getting myself into: seriously  disfunctional family members and a boy who seems to have a  split personality in four lives, in search of some respite from each other. I just want to read about normal people when I read novels and not feel I am burdened with the world's psychological and emotional crises( yes, we all have our quirks but that is different from being  this dysfunctional)  On the up side, this novel will certainly keep the reader entertained. One really just needs to persist  with the door-stopper issues and size. I'm sure this will appeal to readers of Paul Auster fans and others. I would have appreciated this novel better if he didn't try so hard to be brilliant and the book would have held together better if it was around 360-400 pages. He wouldn't have been searching for an ending.. I'll give it another read at the end of the year.

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