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RE: Cisco 010-151 CCT Exam Questions And Practice Test Dumps Updated July 2017

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Author Q&A with Annie Barrows

We recently got a chance to ask Annie Barrows, one half of the hit writing team behind The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and author of the upcoming The Truth According to Us about her favourite books, writing style and more. 

What was your favourite book growing up and why?
This is a vast question, because I did very little but read between the ages of 7 and 14. So I’m going to talk about the book that was my favourite before I knew how to read: The Golden Children’s Bible. I grew up in a stridently non-religious household and never went to church in my life (until I was 17 and horrified my parents by going to mass). I had no religious instruction and there were no bibles in my house. All was good sportsmanship, cleanliness, and rule-following. 

So imagine my shock upon encountering The Golden Children’s Bible at the dentist’s office. As Iwaited for my sister to be drilled, I flipped through it and found—oh my god!—the Ten Plagues! Eight of them were vividly depicted in living color (they omitted the Plague of Sores—too nasty—and the Plague of Lice—too tiny), and my eyes nearly popped out of my head at the sight of the Plague of Frogs. I spent a long time marvelling at those frogs. They were crawling everywhere. The people in the picture seemed remarkably calm about it; they were scooping them up with oars. Only one fellow in the background was yelling. Maybe he had slipped on a frog. Maybe he had some other problem. I was illiterate; I had no answers, but I knew I had found something way more fascinating than One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

By the time I was dragged away to be drilled myself, I was in a complete lather about Samson. The picture was a stumper: Delilah smirked while Samson lay supine, eyes closed, with his head on her lap. But men were chopping off his hair and putting his feet in chains! Knowing as I did that I would wake up if someone put my feet in chains, I was pretty sure he was dead. But then, there he was in the next picture, knocking pillars over! What kind of story could possibly narrate these pictures? It was a mystery that went on for several years, until I could manage the paragraph “Delilah made Samson go to sleep with his head on her knees. Then she called for a man had had him shave off the seven locks of Samson’s hair. By that she humbled him, for his strength went from him.” 

This was far from satisfying. Why seven locks? What made them seven? And why did his strength go from him? And I still didn’t understand how he could sleep through someone putting chains on his feet.
Reading or no reading, it was a mystery and I loved it.

If you could invite three fictional characters to dinner, who would you pick?
This is so difficult. Do I want an introspective, psychologically acute dinner party? Dr. Rivers from the Regeneration trilogy by Pat Barker; Dorothea Brooke from Middlemarch (she can bring Will Ladislaw if she wants); and Violet, the narrator of “Silver Water” by Amy Bloom. We would discuss death. I would serve something vegetarian.
But maybe I’d rather have a more festive event? Mr. Micawber; Boris from The Goldfinch; and Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes. No food, just cocktails (tuna for Hobbes).
Or maybe, because grownups are so touchy, I’d just invite kids: Rosalind Penderwick from The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall; Indigo Casson from the Casson Family series by Hilary McKay; and Chrissie from Beaux by Evan Commager. We’d talk about our siblings. I think they’d like roast chicken and rice, with ice-cream pie for dessert.

What is your favourite opening sentence of a book?
I don’t think you can do much better than “When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm badly broken at the elbow.” Every book has to tell its reader how to read it, and in this case, the job is done by the end of the first fifteen words.

Is there another author’s book that you wish you’d written? 
Oh for sure—dozens! Hundreds! I wish that I’d written every brilliant book I read, but I REALLY wish it when I read a book with a brilliant idea and a crummy execution (and I would be a real idiot if I gave you an example).

What would you like to tell your 18 year-old self?
Smart ain’t everything.

Who inspires you? (Doesn’t have to be limited to other writers.)
When I was writing The Truth According to Us, I was inspired not so much by other writers as by the assortment of aunts, uncles, cousins, and hangers-on that I was lucky enough to be born into. I’d imagine myself there, listening to them on the porch, in half-light, as they drew in a deep, smoke-filled breath and began: “Well. It’s a sorry story, and I shouldn’t even be telling it. You girls’ll have nightmares all night, and you’d better not wake me up if you do. Well. All right. Here’s what happened—”
They are the treasure I was trying to recover.

You’re stranded on an island with all the living essentials at hand, but what one additional item would you need to survive? 
I really need sunscreen. Is that included in living essentials? If it’s not, that’s going to have to be my additional item. Which is a drag. I don’t want sunscreen, and I might die of boredom if I have to use up my additional item on sunscreen instead of what I really want, which is paper. I know how to manufacture ink out of soot (I have matches, don’t I?), but I’m too old to learn how to make paper. If my additional item is paper, and I make ink, I can write, which means I’ll have something to do, and I’ll have something to read, and I’ll be fine.

To heck with sunscreen. I’ll chance it. Give me paper.

Lots of it, please.

What’s the best book you’ve read in the past 12 months?
I read War & Peace, which is the best book in the world, but I’d read it before, so maybe that doesn’t count. If not: The Chateau by William Maxwell. Also Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry. Also The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro, which I can’t believe I didn’t read years ago.  

What is your number one tip for would-be writers?
Talent means almost nothing. Work means almost everything.

How would you summarise your latest book in 25 words or less?
I thought of taking all the spaces out of the flap copy so that it was just one word, but then I got a better idea. I wrote a haiku.

Truth will set you free!
No it won’t. Does it matter?
Yes. But maybe not.

That was fun. But if you want a real summary in 25 words: A debutante exiled in the small town of Macedonia, West Virginia, learns that the past is never over when she meets the eccentric Romeyn family.

I like the haiku better.


RE:Author Q&A with Annie Barrows

amazing i agree Talent means almost nothing. Work means almost everything.

RE:Author Q&A with Annie Barrows

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Hello! Very excited about this new idea from Dymocks! 

I am Krystal, I have a book addiction. I have over a hundred on my shelves waiting to be read and yet I cannot resist buying more! I also have the habit of reading several at a time.

I have varied tastes but love a good thriller, or fantasy if I'm bored of reality! I do also like to challenge myself with ticking off the anual Dymocks 101, but I get distracted easily. I'm a fan of classics and Dumas is my favourite author, with his Three Musketeers being my favourite novel. I do freelance proofreading and editing, and hope to evolve this into a career in book editing.

Outside of my Word Nerd persona, I enjoy working on my health and fitness through gym, dance and, more recently, martial arts. I love anything creative, action movies, dogs, mint and bad puns.

Looking forward to chatting with some like-minded people! :)


I'm glad to hear you're excited by it, Krystal. Bookmarked has been in the works for a while now and it's so great to finally see people on here and chatting about their favourite books. It's also nice to see a fellow editor on here. There aren't enough of us in the world, I reckon.

What are you reading at the moment?


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Brexit: Repeal Bill to be published by the government

MPs must "work together" on Brexit, the minister in charge of the UK's EU exit has said, as he publishes a bill to convert EU law into British law.
The legislation, known as the Repeal Bill, will ensure the same rules apply in the UK after Brexit, while giving UK parliaments the power to change them.
Brexit Secretary David Davis said he will "work with anyone" to make it a success, but he faces opposition.
Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron told the government: "This will be hell."
Labour vowed to vote against the legislation unless there were significant changes to the details previously set out.
The Conservatives are relying on Democratic Unionist Party support to win key votes after losing their Commons majority in the general election.
  • What is the Repeal Bill all about?
  • Brexit: All you need to to know
  • EU stands firm on citizen rights
Formally known as the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, the draft legislation is a key plank of the government's Brexit strategy.
It will repeal the European Communities Act 1972, which took Britain into the EU and remove the supremacy of Brussels law.
The bill will also temporary powers to correct laws that will not operate appropriately after Brexit.
It is not expected to be debated until the Autumn, but will need to have been passed by the time the UK leaves the EU - due to be in March 2019.
Mr Davis said it would allow the UK to leave the EU with "maximum certainty, continuity and control".
"It is one of the most significant pieces of legislation that has ever passed through Parliament and is a major milestone in the process of our withdrawal from the European Union," he said.
"By working together, in the national interest, we can ensure we have a fully functioning legal system on the day we leave the European Union.
"The eyes of the country are on us and I will work with anyone to achieve this goal and shape a new future for our country."

'Pushed, prodded, cajoled'

However, Labour says there is not enough accountability over the "sweeping delegated powers" ministers will give themselves to alter legislation and claims the Bill represents a "power grab" by Westminster over the devolved administrations.
Labour MP Hilary Benn, who is chairman of the Brexit select committee, said there are "real and serious concerns about the way in which this is done".
He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "The government needs to understand that Parliament is going to be an active participant in this process.
"I have to say, at every stage thus far ministers have had to be pushed and prodded and cajoled into taking Parliament's role seriously."
Mr Farron said he was "putting the government on warning", promising a tougher test than than it faced when passing legislation authorising the UK's departure from the EU.

'Playing with fire'

"If you found the Article 50 Bill difficult, you should be under no illusion, this will be hell," he said.
"If the government try any wheeze or trick to force through changes to vital protections, from workers' rights to the environment, they are playing with fire."
Separately, the government will also publish three position papers for exit negotiations.
One will cover nuclear materials and safeguards issues, the focus of a fierce debate among MPs concerned about the UK quitting Europe's nuclear safety regulator.
The other two papers will cover ongoing judicial and administrative proceedings, and privileges and immunities.
They will be presented to the European Commission for discussion in the second round of formal exit negotiations in Brussels next week.
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Hating Favourites

I'm currently reading Room by Emma Donoghue and not really enjoying it as much as I hoped! This book has received incredibly positive feedback and was even shortlisted for a few awards, including the Man Booker Prize, but I'm just not feeling it. It's not the first time I've had an opinion contrary to what's popular (other hated books include Gone Girl and The Mortal Instruments series) and I've also found some real gems that are little known (The Art of Falling by Kathryn Craft deserved way more recognition).

It has me wondering, are there others out there whose opinion is different to that of the majority?

RE:Hating Favourites

In my opinion everyone has his own right to like anything or hate because everyone has different choices. I'm also a story teller so I know a bit about writing that what is good and what is coursework online or buy story online both is equally good to read its my personal opinion maybe you won't like it.

RE:Hating Favourites

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