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Look to the stars to decide your next read! 

Your Halloween Book Horoscope
What do the fates have in store for you this Halloween? Find your spooky literary destiny within... 

Your June Book Horoscope
Don't even bother pretending you don't believe in horoscopes. It's too late. The stars have been right too many times. Go on, find out what they reckon you should read this month! 

Your May Book Horoscope
We know with 100% certainty that you're destined to love these books! 

Your April Book Horoscope
With psychic powers rivalled only by Professor Trelawny, we've consulted the stars to find out which books you're destined to love as Autumn sets in and Mercury does... something this April! You're welcome. 

Your March Book Horoscope
What book are you destined to love this month? 

Your February Book Horoscope
Can't decide what to read next? Let the stars guide you! 

Your January Book Horoscope
Looking for a great book to read? Let the stars guide you! 

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