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Guest post from Holly Wainwright : The Mummy Bloggers
Posted to October 2017 by Dymocks Digital Team on 10/10/2017
In her debut novel, The Mummy Bloggers, Holly Wainwright introduces us to Elle Campbell - champion blogger who's made it big on social media posting about her perfect life. Here, Holly discusses writing a villain for the Instagram age...

Q&A with Jay Kristoff
Posted to October 2017 by Tonile Wortley on 04/10/2017
International best-selling author Jay Kristoff stopped by to answer some questions about his books and to also give some book recommendations... He's very generous that way! 

Guest post from Brooke McAlary: Tame the Technology
Posted to October 2017 by Tonile Wortley on 04/10/2017
'Dear Mr & Mrs Jones, I am writing to inform you of my withdrawal from the race to keep up with you ...' 

Brooke McAlary, author of Slow and host of The Slow Home Podcast, shares seven distraction-busting tips to tame the technology for good.

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