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Our well-read team tries fitness (part 1)
Posted to March 2017 by Tonile Wortley on 21/03/2017
In mid-April, 2015 Bachelor and fitness expert Sam Wood has his first book being published. It’s called 28 by Sam Wood, and it is the book counterpart to his online training program of the same name.

It’s no secret that we see lots of health and fitness books each year, so we decided to put Sam’s program to the test. We’re halfway through, and here is a look at how we’re feeling about it so far.

Crime to look out for in 2017
Posted to March 2017 by Dymocks Digital Team on 08/03/2017
2017 is bringing some of the best, most original, most inventive, and most wicked crime books to our shelves. Here are 17 that we think you should look out for, along with short blurbs to pique your interest! 

March new release highlights
Posted to March 2017 by Dymocks Digital Team on 03/03/2017
Check out some of the new releases that we're loving this month! 

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