Venice 24/7 DVD

Venice 24/7 DVD



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Venice is one of the most stunning cities in the world. 20 million tourists visit each year to explore the winding streets and the 1500 kilometre network of canals. They come for art, music, culture, history... What they don’t see is how this city really works.

24 hours a day emergency services of highly-trained experts fight to keep Venice safe. This gripping documentary series has secured unprecedented access to the fire brigade, paramedics, police, rubbish collectors and coast guards as they face the blue-light emergencies and day-to-day challenges of running this unique city.

How do you guide a 100,000 ton cruise liner safely into harbour without damaging the priceless, 16th century buildings? How do you negotiate the canals and decode the street numbers whilst driving a water ambulance? How do you clean up after the Carnival and the Biennale? We explore the side of Venice the millions of tourists don’t - the living city.

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