Richard Hammond: Engineering Connections Series 2 DVD

Richard Hammond: Engineering Connections Series 2 DVD



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It’s back! Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections returns for a second series and this
time it is bigger, bolder and braver than ever with six brand new and exclusive episodes.

The intrepid Richard climbs to the top of the Sydney Opera House, stands on the summit of
the world’s tallest road bridge, closes the roof on Wembley Stadium – and reveals the
secrets behind these and other modern day superstructures.

Want to learn how Wembley’s arch holds up the roof thanks to a 19th century glider, what
connects the Millau Bridge with Teflon, and how a brass band helped to shape Hong Kong
International Airport? Join Richard Hammond on his global quest to uncover the incredible
ideas and unconventional technologies that lie beneath some of the world’s most iconic

Engineering marvels:

Wembley Stadium
Sydney Opera House
HMS Illustrious
Guggenheim Bilbao
The Millau Bridge
Hong Kong International Airport

Language: English

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