50 Shades Of Grey Matter

50 Shades Of Grey Matter

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki

  • Category: Non Fiction / Popular Science
  • ISBN:9781742611389
  • Publisher:Pan Macmillan Australia Pty, Limited
  • Publication Date:01/11/2012
  • Pages:256

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Doctor Karl: where oddities are embraced, facts reign supreme, curiosity is king and brightly coloured shirts are compulsory!

In his brand new book, our much beloved and National Living Treasure Doctor Karl Kruszelnicki applies his trademark straight-talkin'-no-high-falutin' scientific sense to a brand new range of Big Questions that you never knew you even wanted to ask, but now desperately need to know the answers to.

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately forgotten the reason you're there? A solid thought convinced your legs to move, but by the time you reach your destination, you realise the thought has abandoned you en route. No, it's not dementia. It's the doorway.

Impress your friends (and potential dates) by being able to answer such questions as:

- Why the sky is blue?
- Why is it dark at night?
- Why does lunacy erupt under a full moon?
- What's the truth about Spinach and Popeye?

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