Fairy Foals

Fairy Foals


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An amazing publishing proposal landed on our desks a year ago...

' I was out exploring the garden one day, looking for something inspiring to take back to the
studio to draw,' wrote Suzanah 'but what I found was entirely unexpected. An exquisitely tiny
horse with butterfly wings caught in a spider's web! Over the following weeks I became aware
that there were many more of them, different colours and characters that were so captivating
I dedicated many months to painting and writing about them.'

We're not sure what she saw, but one thing was clear...the journal with Suzannah's art and
notes was breathtaking. This book is the result.

After a year devoted to studying the tiny horses, Suzanah has filled her journal with
naturalist observations, sketches, full-colour paintings and poems. The first Foal she
discovered and subsequently named, Little Brown, has been observed in detail as ge grows
up and learns his own strengths and weaknesses, whilst interacting with the other Fairy Foals.
Suzanah's sketches and paintings have been painstakingly reproduced to be an accurate
representation of her extraordinary garden.

Share Suzanah's amazement and love for these creatures. After perusing the pages of the
journal, you'll discover, like we did that Fairy Foals are both intreguing and beautiful, and
you'll read the last page feeling as if you've seen them too...
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