Dark Secret

Dark Secret

Marina Anderson

  • Category: Fiction / Erotic Fiction
  • ISBN:9780751551006
  • Publisher:Little, Brown Book Group Limited
  • Publication Date:14/08/2012
  • Pages:304

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Harriet Radcliffe is bored with her life. At twenty-three, her steady job and safe engagement seem very dull. If she is to inject a little excitement into her life, she realises, now is the time to do it.

But the excitement lying in wait for Harriet is beyond even her wildest ambitions. Answering a job advertisement to assist a world-famous actress, Harriet finds herself plunged into an intense and secret world of sexual obsession - playing an unwitting part in a very private drama, but discovering in the process more about her own desires than she had ever dreamed possible... DARK SECRET is the prequel to FORBIDDEN DESIRES.

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