The Metabolic Syndrome and Your Heart

The Metabolic Syndrome and Your Heart

Brand-Miller, Jennie


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Cardiovascular disease - heart, stroke or vascular disease - is the leading cause of death.
Now a new 'silent' disease is also affecting us: the metabolic syndrome (sometimes called
the insulin resistance syndrome or Syndrome X), a collection of abnormalities that increase
your risk of heart disease. The good news is that the type of carbohydrate you eat can help
prevent these deadly diseases and ensure better heart health. A diet rich in carbonhydrates
with a low glycemic index will help control blood glucose, insulin sensitivity and weight and
reduces the risk of heart disease and the metabolic syndrome. This handy companion guide
to The New Glucose Revolution includes: The latest statistics and studies on heart disease.
Easy-to-understand information on the GI Practical tips to make low GI eating a way of life.
The latest information on the GL (glycemic load) 8 new 7-day low fat, low GI meal plans
including Asian, Greek, Italian, Japanese and Middle Eastern recipes. With all the
information you need about the GI and its benefits for heart health, and easy guidance on
following a low GI diet, this essential reading for anyone interested.

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