Low GI Eating Made Easy

Low GI Eating Made Easy

Brand-Miller, Jennie


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Low GI smart carbs are for everybody, every day, every meal.LOW GI EATING MADE EASY is
about choosing and using the top 100 Low GI smart carb foods - the ones that produce only
small fluctuations in your blood glucose levels - so that you feel fuller longer and increase
your energy levels, making looking good and feeling healthy achievable and
sustainable.LOW GI EATING MADE EASY includes:An easy-to-understand overview of the GI
and GL and its importance on health and wellbeing.A complete listing of the top 100 Low GI
smart carb foods in easy-to-follow sections such as fruit and vegetables, breads and cereals,
legumes, nuts and indulgences.Clear commentary on how to choose and use Low GI smart
carbs - how to plan a balanced diet, how to substitute high GI foods with low GI smart carb
alternatives.A 1, 2, 3 approach to creating Low GI meals and snacks.A 1, 2, 3 approach to
getting active to support the energy in = energy out equation.Over 300 meal ideas and quick
recipes.Easy-to-use Low, Medium and High GI and GL Tables including G symbol program

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