Destined To Feel: Destined To Play Book 2

Destined To Feel: Destined To Play Book 2

Indigo Bloome

  • Category: Fiction / Erotic Fiction
  • ISBN:9780732296186
  • Publisher:Harper Entertainment Distribution Services
  • Publication Date:01/10/2012
  • Pages:288

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Another thrilling erotic adventure from the bestselling author of Destined to Play.

Life was going well for psychologist Alexandra Blake. Her career has taken off and she has been exploring her darkest sexual fantasies with her lover Jeremy Quinn. But her bliss is rudely interrupted when she is abducted in London, caught up in a dangerous struggle between unscrupulous corporations. Her captors want her to help them with their sexual experiments - pushing the boundaries of convention in the search for a drug to stimulate the female libido. But at what cost? How far will Alexandra be willing to go to satisfy her curiosity, both professional and personal? What will she have to do to escape, and - more importantly - does she want to?

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