Nigella Lawson

  • Category: Leisure / Cooking
  • ISBN:9780701187330
  • Publisher:Rainbow Book Agencies
  • Publication Date:18/09/2012
  • Pages:288

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Nigella’s mouthwatering dishes have their roots in tradition but take us into fresh territory; knowledge worn light of touch but full on taste. While she stays true to the spirit of Italian cooking, her recipes are always quick and easy, designed to elevate everyday eating into no-fuss feasts for those days when we need to get supper on the table pronto.

Italian food now plays a familiar role in our everyday eating but Nigellissima goes beyond Bolognese to bring to our table 120 inspired recipes – from the crustless Meatzza to Long Fusilli with a no-cook Sicilian sauce (see jacket illustration), Italian Roast Chicken with Peppers and Olives to a Venetian Stew and a One-Step No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream -- in a round-Italy culinary quick cook’s tour that culminates in a festive chapter of party food, with an Italian-inspired Christmas spread as its celebratory centrepiece.

Nigella’s gastronomic heart is in Italy and in Nigellissima she conjures up, with passionate relish, the warmth, the simplicity and the directness of Italian cooking, illustrated here with gorgeous photographs to instruct and delight (and accompanied by a new BBC TV series).

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