My Big Boy Potty

My Big Boy Potty


  • Category: Fiction / Popular Fiction
  • ISBN:9780688170424
  • Publisher:Harper Entertainment Distribution Services
  • Publication Date:
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Potty training can be fun. With clear, warm, reassuring texts, Joanna Cole guides young boys and girls through the challenges and rewards of potty training - from the first steps to the satisfaction of graduating to big kid underpants! Maxie Chambliss's bright, cheerful pictures perfectly complement the text, and toddlers are sure to find them appealing. With a child-friendly trim size and large type, these books are just right for little hands. And, as a bonus, a helpful list of Tips for Successful Potty Teaching is included in each book to make the process easier for parents. The successful team that created the best-selling I'm a Big Brother, I'm a Big Sister, and How I Was Adopted have come up with two more winners!

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