A Short History of Christianity

A Short History of Christianity

Geoffrey Blainey


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For 2000 years, Christianity has had a varying but immense influence on world history. Who better, then, than Geoffrey Blainey, author of the best-selling Short History of the World and one of Australia's most accomplished historians, to bring us a history of this world-changing religion.

A Short History of Christianity vividly describes many of the significant players in the religion's rise and fall through the ages, from Jesus himself to Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, Francis Xavier, John Wesley and even the Beatles, who claimed to be 'more popular than Jesus'. Blainey takes us into the world of the mainstream worshippers – the housewives, the stonemasons – and traces the rise of the critics of Christ and his followers.

Eminently readable, and written with Blainey's characteristic curiosity and story-telling skill, this book often places Christianity at the centre of world history. Will it remain near the centre? Blainey points out again and again that its history is a much-repeated story of ups and downs.

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