4 Ingredients 2

4 Ingredients 2

Kim McCosker & Rachael Bermingham

  • Category: Leisure / Cooking
  • ISBN:9780646491790
  • Publisher:United Book Distributors
  • Publication Date:01/10/2008
  • Pages:240

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If your idea of saving time and money in the kitchen is coupled with a desire to serve up
fast, fabulous and flavoursome food 4 Ingredients 2 is the cookbook for you! Written by
authors of the bestselling cookbook 4 Ingredients, Rachael Bermingham and Kim
McCosker wrote 4 Ingredients because it was a book THEY needed. The ladies have
teamed up again to write 4 Ingredients 2 because they said it's the book YOU wanted.
After receiving stacks of feedback at hundreds of events around Australia and New
Zealand, the ladies wrote this, their 2nd easy to follow cookbook for busy people who want
fantastic food - fast. 4 Ingredients 2 has over 400 sensational recipes all using the 4
Ingredients way of cooking;

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