Real World Haskell

Real World Haskell

OSullivan Bryan


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This Is The Book For Software Developers Who Want To Learn Haskell And Use It To Do Real Work. There Are A Number Of Books On Haskell Out There, But They're All Either Textbooks Or Academic Books; The Textbooks Use Pascal As A Language For Teaching Computer Science. There Isn't Anything Out There That Shows You How To Use Haskell To Write Software That's Actually Useful. There's Been A Significant Upsurge Of Interest In Haskell And Other Functional Programming Languages. It's Not Clear What's Driving This Interest, But One Of The Factors May Be The Importance Of Concurrent Programming And New Computer Architectures. The Book Introduces Readers To The Language, But It's A Fairly Fast And Brief Tutorial, Rather Than A Textbook. It Pays Special Attention To Real-world Issues Like I/o, Performance, Dealing With External Data, Databases, Concurrency, And Web Applications.
Version: 1.0032