Half of a Yellow Sun

Half of a Yellow Sun

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

  • Category: Fiction / Literary Fiction
  • ISBN:9780007200283
  • Publisher:Harper Entertainment Distribution Services
  • Publication Date:15/01/2007
  • Pages:448

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The sweeping novel from the author of 'Purple Hibiscus', shortlisted for the Orange Prize,
and winner of the Commonwealth Writers Award. This highly anticipated novel from
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is set in Nigeria during the 1960s, at the time of a vicious civil
war in which a million people died and thousands were massacred in cold blood. The three
main characters in the novel are swept up in the violence during these turbulent years. One
is a young boy from a poor village who is employed at a university lecturer's house. The
other is a young middle-class woman, Olanna, who has to confront the reality of the
massacre of her relatives. And the third is a white man, a writer who lives in Nigeria for no
clear reason, and who falls in love with Olanna's twin sister, a remote and enigmatic
character. As these people's lives intersect, they have to question their own responses to the
unfolding political events. This extraordinary novel is about Africa in a wider sense: about
moral responsibility, about the end of colonialism, about ethnic allegiances, about class and
race; and about the ways in which love can complicate all of these things.

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