Killing: Volume 2 Dvd

Killing: Volume 2 Dvd



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The Killing, Season One, Volume 2 (Episodes 11-20)

The Killing is an innovative thriller from Danish Radio TV Drama, which tracks the
consequences of a heinous crime as it unravels and impacts throughout Copenhagen.

As the police investigation unfolds the Danish capital opens up like a Chinese box, full of
secrets and power struggles. It all starts as the head of investigations in the police homicide
department has her last day at work before embarking on a new chapter in her life. An all
but normal family are going about their everyday life when the parents are suddenly thrown
into their worst imaginable nightmare.

At the same time a top politician is involved in a ruthless but promising election campaign.
They all become part of the same story as police follow the leads in a homicide case and
their hunt for the perpetrator. In the course of 20 intense days in November their lives
change forever.

Language: Danish
Subtitles: English

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