Orgasms Explained DVD

Orgasms Explained DVD


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The Female Orgasm Explained: The sexual revolution of the 70s allowed women to claim
their right to pleasure and to better know their body. However, thirty years later, female
orgasm remains a mystery to many men and women. In this documentary, women speak
openly of their experience. Their testimonies are accompanied by analyses from
psychoanalysts and sex therapists who describe, with supporting sketches and videos,
pleasure in all its forms.

The Male Orgasm Explained: 90% of men orgasm each time they have sex. Men are told
they are easily satisfied which means that male sexuality is rarely discussed. This film
focuses on the testimonies of men, whether beginners or experienced, heterosexual or
homosexual, in love or Don Juan and through their testimonies we discover the complexity
of male orgasm.

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