Hestons Mission Impossible DVD

Hestons Mission Impossible DVD


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In this brand new series Heston Blumenthal, holder of 3 Michelin stars, attempts to help four of Britain's biggest brands dramatically transform their food production - and maybe improve their profit margins too.In each episode, Heston uses his maverick culinary genius to tackle the unique food dilemmas faced by organisations such as the NHS, Cineworld Cinemas, British Airways and the Royal Navy.Heston conducts outrageous and bizarre experiments in his quest to find solutions where other chefs have failed. As the companies are drawn into Heston's madcap world, staff are flabbergasted by his seemingly impossible ambitions. But Heston's biggest challenge comes in the toughest test of all: the real world - where the customers will be his toughest critics.Expect conflict, confrontation and constant entertainment. Faced with the added challenges of cooking without a kitchen, for thousands, for less than 1 pound a meal, without trained staff, this really is a Mission Impossible.

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