The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Jessica Shirvington

Ruth chats with Jessica Shirvington, author of the Embrace series, about her new book Disruption - a gripping mix of fast-paced thriller, romance and action. The podcast looks at her inspirations, writing style and plans for the future.


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Stuart O'Grady

In this podcast Rhys talks to Australian cycling legend Stuart O'Grady, author of the new biography Battle Scars. They discuss Stuart’s childhood, the highs and lows of his gruelling 20 year cycling career, injuries, retirement and more.


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Ky Furneaux

In this update, we speak to survival expert, stuntwoman and superhero stand-in, Ky Furneaux about her new book - Girls Own Survival Guide.


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Markus Zusak

This week Sophie has the privilege of talking to national treasure Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief, the film adaptation of which in now at the movies. Tune in to find out the title of his new book!


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Paul McNamee

In Episode 70, Rob interviews Australian Tennis legend Paul McNamee. Paul tells of his struggles with his backhand, the joys of doubles as well as his transition into a cutting edge sporting administrator. This book is a great read and Paul's energy comes through in the interview as well as the book.


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Maggie Beer

In Episode 69, Corrine interviews one of her favourites, the delightful Maggie Beer. They discuss her new cookbook Maggie's Christmas and talk about life in the Barossa, Christmas traditions and what Christmas means to her... All while she is busy signing books! She is one talented lady.


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Alessandro Del Piero

In Episode 68, Rob joins the press for the day and attends the launch of the Alessandro Del Piero auto-biography, "Playing On". Rob also interviews the voice of Australian soccer Les Murray, former Socceroo and Manchester United goalkeeper, Mark Bosnich as well as CEO of the Football Federation of Australia - David Gallop. Del Piero also reveals his favourite author.


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Clare Wright

In Episode 67, Rob speaks with historian Clare Wright and discusses her latest book, The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka. The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka reveals that there were thousands of women on the goldfields and many of them were active in pivotal roles both as part of and associated with the iconic event of the Eureka Stockade. A must listen for all history buffs.


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Valli Little

In Episode 66, Corrine interviews Food Editor of Delicious Magazine and author Valli Little. They discuss the food scene in Australia, her inspirations and what it is like to work for a food magazine. They also go through her latest mouthwatering cookbook Love to Cook.


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Matthew Reilly

In Episode 65, Rhys interviews author Matthew Reilly and discuss his latest book "The Tournament". They also discuss his Delorean car, his dog and who he would prefer acting in any film adaptation of his books.


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Rachael Robertson

In Episode 64, Rob interviews author and leadership expert Rachael Robertson and discuss her book "Leading on the Edge". Rachael uses her real experience gained whilst running an isolated Antarctic base to teach leadership and life lessons that can be used in all aspects of personal and professional life.


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: George R. R. Martin

In Episode 63, Sophie and Mark interview George R. R. Martin - author of A Game of Thrones and living legend. A must listen for all fans of the books and TV show. There is a special vox pop section at the end of the interview where we talk to some of George R.R. Martin's biggest fans.


The Dymocks Booklovers Podcast: Mark Donaldson

In Episode 62, Paul interviews Australian VC medal winner Mark Donaldson and discuss his truly amazing story and book The Crossroad. Don't miss this unique interview!

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The Dymocks Booklover Podcast is an audio discussion about books, publishing and anything we find entertaining. If you have any feedback you can email us at podcast@dymocks.com.au


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The Team

Rob Kaldor is the eCommerce Manager for Dymocks and can't stand listening to his own voice on playback. He loves non-fiction and comedy. He is currently reading James Packer's Biography and Russell Brand's Autobiography. Rob believes there are only 2 food groups boring and spicy. When not doing podcasts or managing the Dymocks Website he hangs out with his wife, 3 kids and the ever faithful Pepper the hound.

Sophie Higgins is the Senior Category Manager at Dymocks. She started out buying the Children's books for the stores in 2010 when she came to Dymocks from being the Book Buyer for the ABC Shops. She now looks after the Fiction category and has since barely looked up from the pages of a book, even crime novels that give her the creeps. She is very happy though that the current boom in the romance category means that she can be out and proud with her enjoyment of a good old-fashioned love story. She loves her faithful hound Basta, and anything to do with Italian Food!

Paige Butchers works in the marketing team at Dymocks, living the dream in the world of the Booklover Rewards Program! She is constantly trying to keep up with the pace of her colleagues when reading all of the new releases at Dymocks, but manages to find herself reading the older titles in your 101 Favourites of all time! On the weekends she is either doing yoga, cross-stich or burning rubber on the race track with her identical twin sister in their Honda Prelude, and of course, everyone else is eating their dust!

Corrine Chiswick works in the marketing department at Dymocks and is passionate about food! She loves to cook, loves to bake, loves to dine at the latest restaurants and loves to talk about food. She would sign up for the next season of My Kitchen Rules if only it was not televised... She can be a little camera shy at times. Her favourite food you ask, her mum's Lemon Delicious Pudding. When she is not in the kitchen, she is spending time with her friends and family, taking a walking in the park, dancing at a music gig or of course sitting on the lounge reading!!

Paul Swain is the HR Manager at Dymocks. He's originally from England but we don't hold that against him. He loves to read the widest variety of books that he can get so he's in the right place, and takes many diverse recommendations from our book buyers. They regularly take advantage of this opportunity, much to their amusement. When he's not looking after all of us at Dymocks he can either be found wakeboarding, taking early morning runs at the beach or furthering his mission to visit every winery in NSW. Although he hasn't found a way to combine all of his hobbies together in one quite yet!

Ruth Ellis has been working for Dymocks since 2009 and has been a passionate reader since long before then. She's currently the category manager for children’s and travel. She spends most of her time with her nose in a good children’s book channelling her inner Matilda, and when she takes a break she can usually be found at her local cinema.

Mark Howden is a Graphic Designer in the Dymocks Marketing team. A self confessed geek who understands that key trait of any geek is that when they are interested in something, it becomes an obsession – a blessing and a curse. A huge Superhero fan, he is never without the Superman insignia somewhere on his person, be it keyring or belt buckle. He is always reading either Historical Fiction, Fantasy or any book that will further his knowledge of lesser know facts. When he's not designing stunning press ads or reading, he and his wife team up as toddler wranglers for their three beautiful children.

Rhys works as a Category Manager in the buying team, desperately reading as much as his eyes and mind can take in. Got thrown into the reading pool by his parents at a young age, and is yet to come up for a breath. When not at work he can most often be found in his backyard with a book in his hand and a beer by his side, wishing he had a dog with which to round out the perfect trifecta.

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