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Before purchasing an eBook, please check that your reading device supports the required format. Please note: Digital items cannot be refunded or exchanged.

There may also be limitations on printing and copying for purchased eBooks. You can check the copyright restrictions for each eBook are on the product details page for that item.

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PDF & ePub Format eBooks

To download purchased eBooks in PDF or ePub format you will be required to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. For more information on downloading and setup, see 'Setting Up Digital Editions' below.

To transfer PDF or ePub format eBooks to an eReader, you will first need to ensure that your eReader supports Adobe Digital Editions. Please check your eReaders specification, or go to a full list of supported devices.

For transferring to an Apple or Android device, you will need to install the relevant reader app. For more information on Adobe Digital Editions supported apps, see the sections on transferring below.


Adobe Digital Editions is free to download and can be downloaded at

During installation, you will be prompted to setup an Adobe ID. Setting up an Adobe ID will allow you to transfer your eBooks to an eReader or to another computer.


Once you have purchased an eBook, you will be sent a download link via email, which will take you to the login page for your Dymocks Bookshelf. Once you have logged in, select 'Download eBook' and follow the prompts to download.

Your download should automatically start in Adobe Digital Editions. If the download does not start automatically, save the .acsm file from the download link and double click to open in Digital Editions, which will start the eBook download.


First, connect your eReader to your computer. If you have not done so already, you will be prompted to authorize your eReader with your Adobe ID.

Once authorised, your eReader will show as a new bookshelf in the Library view (click on 'Go to library view' in the top left corner). You can then drag items from any other bookshelf to your eReaders' bookshelf.


To read your purchased eBooks on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you will need to download and install Bluefire Reader. You can download Bluefire Reader for free from the iTunes app store.

Once you have downloaded and installed Bluefire Reader, you will need to enter the same Adobe ID that you setup when installing Adobe Digital Editions.

To transfer the eBooks through iTunes, connect your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to your computer and open iTunes. Go to your device in the menu on the left of the screen, then go to the Apps tab at the top. Scroll to the bottom and select Bluefire Reader from the list of apps. In your 'My Documents' (PC) or 'Documents' (MAC) folder, there is a folder called 'Digital Editions' where the eBook files are stored. You can transfer them using the 'Add' button, or you can drag them to the Bluefire app section.

For more information on using the Bluefire Reader app, go to

Please note that the Bluefire Reader app is not developed or supported by Dymocks. If you have any questions or issues regarding the Bluefire Reader app, please forward them to Bluefire at

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Mobipocket Format eBooks

To read the downloaded Mobipocket eBooks, you may need to download and install the Mobipocket Reader software. For more information on downloading and setup, see the 'Setting Up Mobipocket Reader' section below.

Before purchasing eBooks in Mobipocket format, please check that any ereader devices you are using are supported. You can find the supported formats for your eReader in the eReader devices product specifications.


Mobipocket Reader Desktop is free to download from (Windows only). Mobipocket Reader Desktop will detect and automatically install the appropriate Reader version for any connected devices.

For Mac and Linux users, you will need to download and install the installation package for your device from

You can read your Mobipocket eBooks on up to 4 devices. You must register the PID (Personal ID) for each device before downloading. You can register any PIDs on the Bookshelf download page before starting the download.


Once the software has been installed you will need to ensure that you have registered the Mobipocket PID for the device prior to downloading your purchases.

1. Open Mobipocket Desktop Reader on your computer

2. Click on 'Reading Devices' in the grey left-hand panel

3. You should see any handheld devices listed alongside your computer

4. Click on 'Edit Properties'

5. Copy the PID and paste it into your Bookshelf

You can then log into your Bookshelf and download your Mobipocket format book to read on your eReader device.

For Mac OS and Linux users, you need to manually transfer the downloaded eBooks to an eReader device using the devices synchronization tool.


When a compatible Mobipocket device is connected to your PC it will show under 'Reading Devices' on the left. Select an eBook and use the 'Send' button at the top of the window, or you can simply drag any eBooks from your eBook library to the selected device to transfer it.

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Microsoft Reader Format eBooks

To read eBooks downloaded in Microsoft Reader format, you will need to first download and install the Microsoft Reader application (see 'Setting Up Microsoft Reader' below).


You can download the free Microsoft Reader from During installation, you will need to create a Microsoft Passport account if you don't already have one. Once the application has been installed and you have created and signed in with your Microsoft Passport, you can then activate your PC and any other Microsoft Reader compatible devices. For more information on activating Microsoft Reader, go to


It's easy to copy ebooks to your Pocket PC. You may want to print these instructions to refer to during the installation and activation process. Be sure you activate your Pocket PC with the same persona as your PC, so you can read the same ebooks on both devices. Learn more about activation at

1. Make sure your Pocket PC is connected to your PC (via the cradle or USB).

2. Double-click the ActiveSync icon on your desktop, then click the Explore button at the top of the button bar to view the Mobile Devices folder.

3. Double-click the My Pocket PC icon, then double-click the My Documents folder. (If your Pocket PC has a storage card, you won't need to perform this step. Instead, click Storage Card, create a folder called My Documents if it doesn't already exist, and open it.)

4. Locate the My Library folder on your PC. It should be located in your My Documents folder, but if you cannot find it, try searching for it on your C or D drive.

5. Resize and align the ActiveSync and My Library windows so they are side by side.

6. In My Library, select the Microsoft Reader files that you want to copy, then drag and drop them into the My Documents folder in the ActiveSync window to complete the process.

That's it! Now you can read the same ebooks on your PC and your Pocket PC.

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DNL Format eBooks


Before downloading, you will need to install the free DNL Reader from


After your purchase has been completed, you will receive the download link and activation key via email. You will be prompted to enter the activation key after reading the first 10 percent of the book.

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